Photo Peace through the Bible

Peace through the Bible

Peace is the leading factor toward harmony among us. Scholars and philosophers have tried to find ways to achieve long-lasting peace. The ambassador of peace Prem Rawat said that life is a precious gift for humanity. Thus, it is essential that people live in peace to enjoy that gift.

Prem Rawat is renowned for his messages of peace for humanity especially the one which says that "peace is possible", which is displayed on a mural in London. On the other hand, the Bible also talks about different ways to induce humanity into serenity and mutual help. The objective of this article is to discover what the Bible instructs about peace.

What is peace according to the Bible?

According to the Bible, peace is a state of serenity, where neither sufferings nor deaths can harm us, and where we no longer have tears in our eyes. In addition, people are at peace when their nation is at peace, because a pacific leader rules over their country. Peace makes people love and help each other. It is also the state of living without any diseases or sickness.

Due to the violent nature of humankind, life cannot be peaceful without the guidance of the Supreme God and the Son of Man. The ultimate destination of humankind is to enter the kingdom of God in order to be secured with everlasting harmony, under the ruling of the King of peace.

Peace is promoted through love and humility

The Bible teaches that love endorses peace. The love of God leads to reconciliation with God; likewise, through love of humanity, it is possible to establish harmony in the world. On the other hand, the quest for peace empowers people to develop spiritually and emotionally. Only fulfilled individuals can have peace within and be tolerant with their surroundings. Believers engage in regular biblical studies with the help of the elders in order to get the essence of peace, which is love.

Humility is essential in the relationship with God. Pride, haughtiness and egotism are the paths to destruction; in contrast, meekness and self-effacement lead to peace. Simply put, arrogance and self-exaltation attract the enemy to attack and cause harm to self-willed individuals; as a result, such behavior leads to violence. In contrast, to avoid destruction and remain in everlasting peace, it is essential to be humble. Thus, in order to obtain peace, love and humility are essential.

How to promote harmony according to the Bible?

To attain inner peace, it is essential to believe and hold fast to the words of God and in the salvation from the Son of Man who stayed in the heart of the earth three days and three nights. Failing to keep God's decrees, it is impossible to attain mind tranquility.

To become mindful of everything, it is essential to pray and meditate regularly on God's decrees under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God empowers believers to develop spiritually and emotionally. Besides, it is essential to pray before engaging in every action and ask God before making any decision.

To ensure global harmony, it is essential to love the neighbor as if you love yourself. This is the core of God's commandments. In addition, it is essential that believers be united in heart and mind and engage in charitable deeds. Believers should focus on the quest for the coming kingdom of God on earth and do his will in order to promote mutual love and avoid violence.