The gods of peace in different religions and mythologies
17 Feb 2020

The gods of peace in different religions and mythologies

Peace has been an important issue, as the peace mediator Prem Rawat said, and we have been in quest for serenity for ages and ages. Mythologies were the only thing we have in order to know the unwritten lifestyle of people thousands of years ago. Despite the different characters used in Greek and Roman mythologies, the mythologies were somehow based on the same beliefs and values.

Certainly, terror lurked the prehistoric wilderness, and human gods came to live among mortal men to settle conflicts and bring back harmony. Apart from the gods in mythologies, each different religion has their own god who is involved in peacekeeping. This article focuses on the gods of peace in religions and mythologies.

Gods of peace in mythologies


Zeus is renowned for his honesty; in fact, he cannot stand lying. Severe sentences were given to people who had not kept their words or broken their oaths. Zeus was the promoter of honesty and righteousness in Greek mythology. He was so bighearted that he could not stand the ill-treatment of people.

Greek gods lived in Olympus, which was famous for its untroubled peace or total serenity. Zeus was the mightiest of the Greek gods, and he dominated all the other divinities. Zeus was the supreme ruler and set rules for mortal men so that they could live without violence.


Hera is Zeus's wife, whom he had cheated. She is possibly the protector of marriage. Adulterous woman makes husbands treat their wives badly; therefore, Hera is the advocate of women whose husbands cheated on them. Marriage is a sacred institution; thus, by inflicting severe punishment to disloyal women and putting an end to extramarital unions, couples could be at peace again, and each one will have peace within.

Pallas Athena

Pallas Athena embodies purity and wisdom; she is the protector of citizens against their enemies, as a ruthless and fierce goddess. She was the favorite daughter of Zeus, and was the carrier of his buckler and his devastating weapon, which is a thunderbolt. She protected people's crops and farming against any attacking rivals.

Gods of peace in religion


In Hinduism, Vishnu is a peace-loving deity, the god of truth. He is the preserver of life through righteousness and truth. He is the promoter of kindness and empathy and his 4 arms depict his omnipotence and omnipresence. He induces courage to humanity as the sight of him seating on a snake keeps fear or worry away from people. He is also the advocate of the inner peace that Prem Rawat, the ambassador of peace, has been talking about.


In Islam, Allah is the God of peace. He allows Muslims to live in peaceful environment which is free from harm and danger. Peace is between the creator and the individual. Individual inner tranquility derives from an utter submission to the Muslim God; that is why Muslims greet each other by wishing peace unto one another.

Jesus Christ

In Christianity, Jesus Christ is the God of Peace and Love who gives joy, comfort, and wisdom to those hold fast to God's creeds. In fact, mindfulness and inner peace are granted to the pure-hearted who forgive one another and behave lawfully. Known as the Son of Man, he has a close relationship with us on earth. To establish peace, he induces people to charity, good works, alms deeds, healing the sick, and casting away evil spirits.